Wednesday, July 27, 2016

No Were to Run: Shift Happens Book 3

Dima is the Dragon Princess.  And her lineage means she is actually the rightful ruler of the Dragons.  The same dragons her father is ruling at the moment.  The same father who is trying to kill her and who killed her mother and brothers many, many years ago.  So now, in order to try and bring her father down, she has teamed up with a group of dragons who don't trust her but want her father dead as well,  Also, her new besties which consists of wolves, witches, werecows, and vampires.  And throw in a possible mate, a niece, and a grandfather and we have a party.

LOVED THIS BOOK!  I couldn't put it down once I started it.  I have loved this series since book 1 and Robyn never disappoints.  It had me hooked from the first page.  I can't wait for more! 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Magic and Mayhem: Souther Howl **Kindle Worlds**

Jane has come back to her home town to visit.  Her aunt sent her a message that sounded like they really needed her home.  Only to find out, they want her to seduce her ex and mate him on the night of the gathering.  Did I say mate?  Yep...they are wolf shifters.  This little shin dig has witches, vamps, panthers, but its mostly the wolves hunting for their mates.  For some reason Jane seems to be attracted to everyone.   Her ex looks even better than before and is a wolf.  A vamp she used to see in high school is still as beautiful as ever and he makes her hot too but her family probably wouldn't take her choosing a vamp as her mate very well.  Then there is the cop, he has some wolf  in him as well.  She don't know who is her mate.  She doesn't think that her being attracted to 3 different guys makes one of them her mate.  And when the Gathering gets here, who will her wolf choose as its mate? And who exactly is Luke Brady other than the pack leader from the next town over.  And wow his wolf is white and beautiful.  So three wolves and a vamp.  Who will her wolf choose?

This was a good book.  Some comical parts as well as some steamy parts.  H.M. McQueen did an excellent job on this little novella for the Magic and Mayhem Kindle World.  I would highly recommend this!