Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Curse of Tenth Grave **Charley Davidson Series 10**

After getting over her amnesia, Charley is back home in Albuquergue and trying to get back into the swing of things.  She is trying to think of anyway to bring their daughter back to them because she can't stand being seperated from her.  She knows that is what is keeping her safe at the moment though.   Problem is, after being snatched by Kuur....she has now learned that the she has to keep her daughter safe from three malevolent gods.  And come to find out, one of those gods just so happens to be her husband, Reyes.  If it comes down to it can she lock him away in the god glass temporarily?  And why is Uncle Bob being followed by Garrett and his crew of all people?  

Geez!!!!  I didn't put this book down long at all.  I couldn't.  I do believe this has been my all time favorite so far.  And that is saying a lot considering I LOVE this whole series!  Darynda Jones is truly an amazing author.  I would recommend this to anyone who loves some paranormal, comedy, suspense, and romance!  I am stoked for when the next one comes out!  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Dirt on Ninth Grave *Charley Davidson Series 9*

In book 9, Charley is living in NY and working as a waitress.  Why you ask, because she has no clue who she is.  She is Jane Doe and she woke up outside of the cafe she is working at now, with no memory and a whopper diamond on her hand.  She assumes then that she is married but no one has found and claimed her.  She knows one thing.  She is from the future....or that is what she thinks is the deal.  She sees dead people and animals, and there are several customers that are regulars and they seem to know things about her.  Now her boss has hired a new cook...who also turns out to be one of the strangers that has been coming in.  He is dark and moody and hot as hell....literally.  She also has made one friend who she decides to confide in, funny, she figured her new BFF would run away screaming but Cookie seems pretty awesome.  After the headless horseman, clues her in on the cop who seems a bit Cra Cra about her....she realizes that he has possibly killed women from his past...whose deaths were rules suicides.  And then he gets his hands on her.  And right when she thinks he is going to finish the job of killing her, someone kills him right in front of her.  No need to thank him yet...cause he is about to kill her as well.  While she is being held captive and about to be murdered, she learns all kinds of things that really don't make much sense to her.  And there is a dead guy trying to get her to WAKE UP and remember.  He gets her to do that buy crossing through her, and when she gets to see his memories, it all comes rushing back.  And the dead guy who passed through her was none other than her dad.  So now what is going to happen to Charley, and what will she do with the information she has just found out from her fathers time undercover with satan's minions?  

I was floored with this one.  As usual, like with the rest of the series, I couldn't put the book down.  My kindle battary almost died and it was hard to wait on it to charge!  But I made it.  I haven't read a series that just grabbed me and held me in a while.  I mean I have read some great books but this series has just kept my attention hard core.  Book 10 just came out and I am moving on to it now!  I might get some sleep after this one is finished.  At least till the next!  

Monday, June 27, 2016

Eighth Grave After Dark **Charley Davidson Series 8**

Charley Davidson has twelve hell hounds after her.  They are some scary, deadly creatures.  Thinking that they can't get to her on holy ground, they have moved into a convent and have been living there now for eight months.  She is going a bit stir crazy being cooped up and not being able to go out and work cases.  She is trying to solve her fathers death, find out who is stalking her, keep Beep safe, find out what her husband is hiding from her, solve a murder that happened at the convent, find the spies......shew is a reapers job never done.  

Goodness!  This book had me so emotional!  Darynda had me so shocked at one of the parts I bought died lol.  That is what I have come to realize I love most about Darynda's work.  She isn't predictable.  I don't read her books and think..oh this is going to happen....she really holds your attention and when something happens that you had not seen coming...well...just drags you in deeper!  On to book 9! 

Seventh Grave and No Body **Charley Davidson 7**

Charley Davidson is a Private Investigator and the grim reaper.  Her job is never boring. And now, she is pregnant....and the baby daddy is none other than her fiance, the son of satan.  Reyes Farrow.  Charley is always getting into sticky or bloody situations and Reyes is now tagging along with her to protect her and Beep, the baby.  Throw in their new friend/demon Osh and she has some super powerful bodygaurds.  Now that the Twelve have been sent, they are constantly having to be on the look out. Her father is missing and when she locates where he had been staying, she finds that he was doing some research and investigating of his own.  What exactly is going on?  After a brutal fight with the hellhounds Charley finds out she has even more power she wasn't aware of.

This one had me on edge the most.  I was so caught up in the book I couldn't put it down.  Stayed up most of the night reading it.  I am so curious as to all the power Charley will come into eventually and learning more about what and who she is.  I was heartbroke in this one as well.  I won't say why as to not spoil anything but yea my heart is breaking a bit right now.  So on to book 8 and to get some answers along with Charley!  

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sixth Grave on the Edge **Charley Davidson Series 6**

Charley has a full schedule going on right now.  She is kind of sort of engaged to Reyes...the son of satan.  Her said sort of fiance is now the owner of her dads bar, which has brought in LOADS of people.  Not just the normal cop crowd. More like a lot of women!  Her new BFF FBI agent wants her to look into an old cold case involving an abducted child.  Turns out this case is from when Reyes was kidnapped as a baby.  He doesn't want her to dig.  When he finally tells her some about when he was kidnapped...she is stunned to discover that the family she thinks was his family are actually the ones who abducted him.  And now...she is getting threats from a mafia type group, her little friend Quentin, who is a deaf teenager she saved from a demon, he is seeing and FEELING things from the departed now and it is freaking him out but his encounter helps solve another case. Charley can't seem to get some down time.  And now a little something else is about to thrown into this craziness.  

OMG!  That totally threw me!  I was curious and wondering if something like that may happen.  And that it has well phew!  I am stoked to continue on!  I am jumping right in to book 7!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fifth Grave Past the Light **Charley Davidson Series 5**

Charley Davidson.....Private investigator and Grim Reaper extraordinaire.  In this book, there is an arsonist on the loose and when she finds out the buildings that are being set on fire, it sounds a lot like the suspect is her new neighbor.  Who also happens to be her lover and the son of satan.  But then she gets word that the the arsonist was female and then his sister comes to mind.  Not only that but now she has an apartment full of dead women with blonde hair and scared.  While trying to figure out why she learns from a woman, who she first thought was dead *who happens to see into the future*, that someone is going to die soon.  Some clues were the number 8, blonde hair, and a bridge.  Then after a clue from one of the departed in her home, she thinks she has found the serial killer, only to learn that she suspects it is the man that her sister is involved with.  Her sister is blonde and has a figure eight drawn on her wrist.  Now in order to keep her sister out of his grasp, she has asked Reyes for help.  He requires payment in the form of her,  ALL OF HER.  Body and soul.  She will do anything to protect her sister and she is in love with him anyways.  Really it isn't a hardship.  Can Charley find the killer, keep her sister safe, and juggle a relationship too?

I am hooked.  This series is amazing.  Darynda writes the perfect combination of comedy, suspense, and romance.  If I am not laughing, I am biting my nails, or fanning my face!  These books just get better and better.  Onward to the next!  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fourth Grave Beneath my Feet **Charley Davidson Series 4**

Charley Davidson's last case she was working didn't quiet go as planned.  Her PI work and her Grim Reaper work sometimes could get the better of a person.  And throw in the son of satan, the man she can't stop thinking about, and she has a whole lot of craziness.  Now she is suffering from PTSD since being attacked and tortured by Earl.  Reyes's human father. And her fear is drawing the demons out of the woodwork...well hell actually but still.  They are possessing clairvoyant people and they are hard to take down.  But her guardian...who happens to be a dog who passed away, can take them down and so can Reyes's.  So with demons, a biker who wants to take her out and not on a date, and trying to solve a case......Charley would probably just assume stay in and order things off TV she will never use.  

This one was just awesome.  I haven't read any from this series that I haven't just loved.  I have just been gushing about this series since I started it.  I am so excited to see what else happens!  On to book 5!!!  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Faefever **Fever series book 3**

Mac has seen the lord master as he is being called.  She thinks he is the one who killed her sister.  He isn't a good person or thing that is for sure.  And now she is getting copies of her sisters diary that is giving her some insight on some things.  She is learning a lot and the more she learns the more she realizes just how bad things are going to get.  She still has the Fae prince wanting her to find the book.  And she tries to help him some in return for more info and sometimes just to get away and go to the beach since he can take her there. And Jericho....what is she going to do with him.  One minute she thinks he is on her side then she wonders again.  But part of her really thinks he is one of the good guys.  Now the Unseelie are piling into dublin and the war is about to get really bad.  Can she help save her race?

This one has been my favorite one so far!  I loved learning all the new things that Mac was told!  I can't stop reading once I start these books.  They keep my attention from the very first page.  I can't get enough of the Fever Series! 

Bloodfever **Fever Series Book 2**

Mac is still alive and fighting to stay that way.  She is on a mission to find the Sinsar Dubh....a very dark book that makes her very sick when she gets too close to it. The walls between the Fae and the human world are begining to crumble.  And to make things worse, she has a variety of assasians after her, and two very powerful men who are wanting her to help them find the book.  V'lane is a Fae prince and Jericho Barrons is....well....she don't really know but he is very powerful! 

This series has me hooked!  I can't stop reading them!  I am so interested in each character....trying to figure out what some of them are.  I have been shocked a couple times!  And I am right there along with Mac trying to figure out exactly what Jericho is!  On to book 3! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Darkfever **Book 1 Fever Series**

MacKayla Lane leads a pretty ordinary life.  She lives in a very small town in Georgia.  Her parents are still happily married, and her sister was studying abroad in Dublin.  Then one day everything changes.  Mac gets a call saying her sister has been killed.  Now her parents have shut down and the case has been closed.  That isn't good enough for Mac and she decides to travel to Dublin and get them to reopen her sisters case.  Little did she know that by going and doing some digging that she would learn about a whole new world that she didn't even know existed but that she is very much a part of.  She has the sight and can see into the world of the Fae.  On the outside they look stunning but to her eye, she can see them for what they really are.  Murderers.  Now she must stay alive to solve her sisters murder and figure out exactly what she is and the powers she has.  Throw in the dark and mysterious Jericho, who she still doesn't know exactly what to think of him and the Fae prince Vlane whose power is sex and he can kill you with pleasure, and we have a party.  

This was a very interesting book.  It had me in its grasp from the first page and I couldn't out it down.  Karen did a wonderful job writing this book to hold the attention.  I am super excited to see what comes of Mac.  I can't wait to start book 2!  

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Third Grave Dead Ahead **Charley Davidson Series**

Charley Davidson.....occupation, Grim Reaper and Private Investigator.  She just so happens to be pretty smitten by Reyes Farrow who also happens to be the Son of satan.  Needless to say there is never a dull moment in Charley's world!  Since she bound Reyes to his corporeal body, he has been showing up in here dreams every time she closes her eyes, so she is bound and determined to stay awake no matter how much coffee that takes.  On top of that all, she has a missing woman to find, a shady husband/doctor the suspect, a motorcycle gang who is out for vengence, and Reyes mortal father isn't dead after all.  Yea...just another lovely day in paradise.  

LOVED IT!  I can't wait to buy the next book.  I knew after reading book one that I would binge read this series.  And I have.  I read books 1-3 in 2.5 days.  I am loving this.  Darynda manages to do comedy, suspense, and smoking hot romance and it all just works together.  Such a talanted author!  Can't wait for more! 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Second Grave on the Left **Charley Davidson Series**

Charley Davidson is a part time Private Investigator as well as full time Grim Reaper.  She has the dead following her around all the time and now she is on a case, looking for a missing woman.  Throw in some demons who want to get there paws on her, and a hotter than hell son of satan trying to seduce her and it is just another day in the life of the Reaper.  Reyes has shed his corporeal body and wants to let his body die to keep the demons from finding Charley and havng a portal to the heavens.  Charley isn't having it.  Can she find Reyes' body in time?  And can she keep the ones she loves and herself from being killed?

Phew!  I am so hooked on this series!  I can't put them down once I start.  Not only is it suspensful and full of action, but it is smoking hot and funny to boot!  It keeps your attention from the beginning till the end!  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

First Grave on the Right **Charley Davidson Series**

Charley Davidson sees dead people.  Literally.  The reason for that is because she is the Grim Reaper.  She also works as a Private Investigator.  Being the Reaper, she tries to convince the souls to cross over and sometimes that takes a little more work, like solving their murders first.  This has been going on since she was a child.  And she can remember some strange and scary things since her birth, like the dark figure that scares her half to death that she has named the Big Bad, and the smoking hot man that is in her dreams.  Come to find out, the Big Bad and dream man are one and the same.  Not only is he panty melting hot, but he is a con who happens to be in a coma at the moment.  They are about to pull the plug.  Charley knows that since he always shows up in his black smoke and cloak that he is some kind of super natural being as well.  So she tries to convince him to WAKE UP from his coma.  Then he drops a big bomb on her.  Not only is he some kind of super natural being....he is the son of satan!  And now he has awaken from his coma and has vanished.  Now what is going to happen!?

This book was awesome!  It had me in it's grasp from the very first page and I couldn't put it down!  Darynda has written an amazing start to the series and I am stoked to continue on with it!  If you like steamy, funny, romance....then you want to read this book!  I highly recommend it! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Love Released: Women of Courage Book 1

Cora Williams had a great job and money and then it is all taken away when she is put in jail for 5 years for attempted murder.  After the 5 long years, and the horrible things she endured during her incarceration, she is finally out.  Upon being released, she finds out that she has NOTHING left.  No money, no way to get her license back to be a doctor, and she has just found out that she now has custody of her nephew Jack.  Her aunt left her a house in her will so now she has a little house for them that needs a lot of work to it.  So now she must check in with the sheriff in this new town, find a job, and try to make a life for her and her nephew.  She just hopes her past don't come back to bite her, or better yet, kill her.

Sheriff Virgil Carter is a former vet who lost two brothers and many friends in the war.  His parents aren't the same since losing his two older brothers and they aren't as close as they use to be before the deaths.  He does his best to protect everyone in Parker County and now he has an ex con in his midst.  A beautiful ex con at that.  And after a heads up from a friend from the penatentary, he knows that Cora Williams has had a rough go of things and he is determined to protect her as well.  

This book was awesome!  I love all genres of books but it has been awhile since I read just straight up romance.  Not paranormal or super hot and steamy.  It was really refreshing actually and I can't wait to continue this series!  I love Cora and little Jack.  He is such a cute kid and their neighbor is a hoot.  I can't wait to see how things progress for Cora and Jack and what will come of things between her and Virgil.  Great job Geri!  Loved it!

Monday, June 6, 2016

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This coffee mug is really adorable.  And I am so glad I got it.  My dad is a huge coffee drinker and I am going to give this to him since I do consider him the Best Dad Ever.  You don't often see glass *see through* coffee cups.  So this one is really unique I think.  I know he will love it. Great for Father's Day!   #FathersDay

**I got this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review**

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Marianne Larson has finally had enough of her cheating husband and after delivering his items on his lovers doorstep to him, and discovering he likes to be dominated, she files for divorce.  When she married she stayed home and was a housewife and mother and never really worked or finished college.  So now she has decided to move and start college back and try to find herself.  Little did she know that these decisions would make her daughter mad at her and blaming her for the divorce and her mother upset with her for leaving her and moving away.  So now, not only is Marianne trying to find herself, it seems her mother and her daughter are as well.  

I have been a fan of Sylvia's for a few years now and I love her books. This one is just as awesome as the others.  I really enjoyed reading it.  It gave me a good laugh at times as well!  I find Marianne's mother to be a hoot.  I highly recommend this read to anyone who loves a good, funny romance.  

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Protecting His Own: Book 11 in Masters of the Shadowlands

Oh mercy.  I have always loved Beth and Nolan and their first story was one of my favorites.  I have been so excited about this next story of theirs and I was not disappointed.  I cried so hard almost from the very beginning.  Beth wants to give Nolan a child of his own so bad but the damage from her previous, abusive marriage has left her unable to concieve.  The have decided that adopting will be their next route and in a turn of events, the end up with two small brothers who are children from a domestic violence home and their mother a drug addict.  Beth and Nolan both knew the boys from them staying at the Tomorrow is Mine domestic violence shelter and they both loved those boys.  Their mother was suppose to have gotten clean and her boy friend had taken anger management classes so they were leaving and going back home with their mother.  Before leaving Beth gave them her number if they ever needed her.  And one day, they get that call.  Their home life hadn't changed after all and after Beth and Nolan take them in as their foster parents, their mother ends up passing away due to her drug problem.  The King's decide they want to adopt the brothers but a shady case worker has dug up a grandmother for the boys and is deteremined to take the boys away and put them with the fanatic grandmother.  Will Beth and Nolan be able to keep the boys and have their happy ever after?

Oh my gosh Cherise!  This book was amazing.  Had me in tears most of the time but it was such a touching story.  Made me fall even more in love with Beth and Nolan.  Those precious little boys melted my heart as well.  I can't get enough of the Shadowlands.  You are amazing Cherise.  Thank you for such an amazing book!