Monday, August 22, 2016

Carter *Bourbon and Blood Book 3*

A friend of mine recommended this series to me a couple months ago.  I was hooked from book 1.  I was really excited to read about Carter and Josie.  Josie is the preachers daughter and is expected to live up to everyones expectations.  She just wants to be wild and have a little fun. In secret of course.  That's when she just so happens to fall in to Carter Hayes' arms literally.  Carter has the bad boy manwhore image. And is all about sneaking around with Josie.  But then he starts realizing he doesn't like being hid.  He doesn't like being her dirty little secret and when he realizes this, he also realizes he is falling in love with her.  

Just loved this! I am so excited to read even more of this series! I would highly recommend this! I am giving it a 4 star review.  The only thing keeping it from a 5 was there were several typos.  Other than that this book was awesome! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Emoji Coffe Mug

This Emoji coffee mug is just adorable! It is a very sturdy cup and holds a good amount of coffee. I love the different faces and the lines saying "my cup is empty and I am awake now". I have gotten so many comments on this mug. I must say it is my favorite in my cabinet!
**I got this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review**

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Revive VoxBox

I am totally loving my Revive VoxBox!  Each product is totally awesome!  I love my cup!  I recieved these products for free for testing purposes!  +Influenster #SheaMoisture, #SheaFruitFusion, @KauaiCoffeeCo, @SnackWells, @VitaminShoppe, #GotItFree 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dating a Pro: Book 7 in the Never Too Late Series

I have been so excited to read about Harrison Graham and Doris Pearson's book.  And I was not at all disappointed.  Harrison thought Doris would be the perfect distraction until he decided to settle down.  Little did he know that she would be more than he expected and he would end up falling for her!  

I loved this book!  Harrison and Doris had me laughing several times throughout this book.  Donna did a fabulous job yet again.  I was hooked from the first word!  Loved it! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Montana Sky: Ace's Bride

Mick "Ace" Anderson has returned home after being gone for years.  He has been Ace the gambler for a long time and he has kept that from his family.  He wants to start new back home so he has ordered him a mail order bride.  For one reason, to keep a certain woman's advances at bay.  But when he returns home, he finds out that that woman is no longer an issue.  Now he has this bride.  And come to find out, she ain't a stranger after all.  So much for leaving his past behind him.  

Emily Black is on the run from a man who is obsessed with her.  She was known as Lady Melody in the saloon and he became enamored of her going so far as to kidnap her.  She got away and signed up to be a mail order bride to get out of  Kansas City and away from her unwanted suitor.  When she shows up in Montana and meets her husband at the alter, she realizes she didn't leave all of Kansas City there.  He was a regular at the saloon.  A gambler.  What has she got herself into?

I really loved this book!  It kept my attention from the very first page.  Sylvia did a wonderful job and I can't wait to read more.  

Monday, August 1, 2016


Kristopher Roar Larson has been living with a tragedy for a few years now.  After a horrible accident, his wife Tori was left a shell but alive.  Her spirit has basically left and her body remains.  But he has stayed faithful to his wedding vows even though she is never coming back.  Then he meets Pamela Jeffrey again.  He had met her a few times when she was doing some things with his cousin Gunner but now after checking out a building for Gunner that happens to be an acadamy for the lifestyle, he sees her again and she just happens to be the model for the night.  He starts to think about her all the time and they end up striking up a friendship.  She needs training in the lifestyle and he agrees to help her but they plan to keep it strictly friends.  Can they fight their budding feelings for one another?

I really loved this story.  It had me in tears a few times as well.  I couldn't even imagine what he was going through.  You did an awesome job Kally!  I am excited for more!