Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dating Dr. Notorious: Never Too Late Series Book 2

This book had me rolling!  I knew from reading the first in this series that I would love Regina's book and Donna didn't disappoint.  Regina and Ben are a great couple and their story is a bit exciting!  Ben is tired of being the NICE guy and Regina is trying every way in the world to keep the press off his back.  But they catch wind of it anyways.  I mean sheesh they can't even go on one date without problems.  So when Ben's work family comes up with a solution that will not only let get his company off the hook but will give Ben the notorious rep he wants, he jumps at it.  Regina isn't on board at all until Ben does a TV interview and just spills the beans. I laughed so hard over Regina flipping out over the lady touching him.  Great job Donna.  On to Lauren and Jim's story!