Monday, May 30, 2016

SEAL Under Covers

Armando, or as his Team calls him Armani, has returned from a tour in Afghanistan and notices his sister is yet again making bad choices.  And it seems her friend Gina is as well.  Armani has always noticed the beautiful Gina, but doesn't know that much about her.  He just knows that she isn't telling him everything and to make matters worse, her EX, who Gina told Armani was a biker, is also an undercover cop.  And he is a dark and dangerous man who won't stop at anything to get Gina back.  Gina is scared of him, she didn't lie about that, but when the truth comes out will it be to late to save her?  Can Armani save his sister and Gina and can he forgive her?

Shew....this book was HOT and very suspenseful.  I really enjoyed Armani's story.  He and Gina are smoking for each other but the secrets almost ruin that for them.  Sam was a rough character, a bully, and he made me cringe.  I am glad to see that Mia is starting to act SOMEWHAT better as well.  I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with her later on.  Another great read by Sharon that I would highly recommend!