Monday, August 1, 2016


Kristopher Roar Larson has been living with a tragedy for a few years now.  After a horrible accident, his wife Tori was left a shell but alive.  Her spirit has basically left and her body remains.  But he has stayed faithful to his wedding vows even though she is never coming back.  Then he meets Pamela Jeffrey again.  He had met her a few times when she was doing some things with his cousin Gunner but now after checking out a building for Gunner that happens to be an acadamy for the lifestyle, he sees her again and she just happens to be the model for the night.  He starts to think about her all the time and they end up striking up a friendship.  She needs training in the lifestyle and he agrees to help her but they plan to keep it strictly friends.  Can they fight their budding feelings for one another?

I really loved this story.  It had me in tears a few times as well.  I couldn't even imagine what he was going through.  You did an awesome job Kally!  I am excited for more!