Sunday, March 5, 2017

Breaking Out: Team SEAL Heartbreakers 6

Zach O'Connor pretty much had given up on having a serious relationship after he was dumped while being deployed.  But then tragedy strikes which puts him in contact with Dr. Piper Bertinelli.  He swore off serious relationships but she has him thinking differently about it.  But she seems guarded and he wants to find out why.
Dr. Piper Bertinelli has just started up a vet clinic with a couple other partners.  They are just getting started and building up their clientele when their business is broken into, and then a war dog is brought in the same day with very serious injuries.  The cops being around makes Piper very nervous, and Zach O'Connor has her wanting to be close to him but her past makes it hard for her to get close.  Is Piper's past about to come back and bite her and what will Zach think if he finds out?

Phew mercy.  I really enjoyed this read.  I have loved this series since the very first book.  Teresa Reasor has done a fantastic job!  I can't wait for more.  If you are interested in romance with some action as well, then this series is for you!