Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cupid Stupid: Once Upon a Valentine Box Set

I have only had the chance to read, "Cupid Stupid" by Sylvia McDaniel so far but I am really looking forward to checking the others out as well.  In Cupid Stupid, three long time friends decide to test out the Cupid's Fountain superstition.  Supposedly if you dance around the Cupid's Statue at Midnight your true love will come find you.  These three women definitely don't believe it but give it a whirl anyways.  Taylor is certain this will not work.  Her ex fiance was now married to the girl he cheated with.  He was also in law enforcement and now Taylor thinks all law men have a problem with cheating.  Then all of a sudden the Sheriff pulls up and they try to scatter, Taylor is the only one who doesn't get away in time.  So here she stands, naked and cold in front of the sheriff.  Is he going to take her to jail?  Ryan had never told anyone, but he always was attracted to Taylor, but he dated her best friend in school and after hearing how Taylor felt about cheaters, he was afraid that she would never agree to a date with him if she knew what had caused the break up with him and her bestie back in the day.  Can he keep Taylor and prove that he isn't like all law men and that cheating really wasn't something he did?

I loved this read!  It had me hooked from the first and had me laughing several times.  If the book can keep my attention and yet keep a smile on my face as well, well that is a book to read!  Sylvia did a magnificent job on this story and I can't wait to read the others.  I would highly recommend this book!