Friday, February 3, 2017

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight: Charley Davidson Series

Charley Davidson is a part time PI and a full time Grim Reaper.  She also happens to be a god,  Her ball and chain also happens to be the son of Satan.  She is not only working on her cases but trying to keep their daughter safe and hidden from the evil that is after her! She has been investigating the Foster's for sometime trying to figure out who and what they are doing since they had Reyes as a child and gave him to such a cruel man.  And now, their son has come to Charley to investigate them more.  Turns out he isn't their son either.  And they are some really twisted people.  After that's all said and done, now her husband has talked her into letting him go into the god glass.  She begins to think she will not get him back, when he appears and boy is he different from before. 

I can't put these books down when I start them.  Darynda has done a fabulous job on this series and I am so excited for more!  If you like comedy, sexy, action, and paranormal....this is the series for you!  I highly recommend it to anyone!!!