Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Magic, New Mexico: Touch of Deceit book 2

In Touch of Deceit, Petunia is one of the Blanchet Witches and she is set out for revenge for her Mother and Sisters death's. When she isn't practicing her magic to strengthen her powers, she is also teaching her students to use magic.  And one particular day while teaching her students, an alien approaches and he is crazily sexy.  

Jaqarq is on the run for a murder that he didn't commit.  When he decides to return to his land to clear his name, his pod crashes in Magic, New Mexico.  And that is when he meets the little warrior witch, Petunia! Will he be able to fix his ship, clear his name, and leave Petunia behind? Will she be able to get her revenge, find her mate, and stay alive? 

 Throw in an evil warlock, the NSA, and a corrupt alien and you got yourself an amazing book!  Sylvia did a fantastic job on this read!  I have only read a few Sci Fi related books and I liked the ones I have read but there have been some I couldn't get into.  This was NOT the case with this read! I didn't put it down once I started it!  If like Sci Fi Paranormal Romance, this is the perfect little read for you!   I highly recommend it!