Friday, June 17, 2016

Second Grave on the Left **Charley Davidson Series**

Charley Davidson is a part time Private Investigator as well as full time Grim Reaper.  She has the dead following her around all the time and now she is on a case, looking for a missing woman.  Throw in some demons who want to get there paws on her, and a hotter than hell son of satan trying to seduce her and it is just another day in the life of the Reaper.  Reyes has shed his corporeal body and wants to let his body die to keep the demons from finding Charley and havng a portal to the heavens.  Charley isn't having it.  Can she find Reyes' body in time?  And can she keep the ones she loves and herself from being killed?

Phew!  I am so hooked on this series!  I can't put them down once I start.  Not only is it suspensful and full of action, but it is smoking hot and funny to boot!  It keeps your attention from the beginning till the end!