Monday, June 6, 2016

Marianne Larson has finally had enough of her cheating husband and after delivering his items on his lovers doorstep to him, and discovering he likes to be dominated, she files for divorce.  When she married she stayed home and was a housewife and mother and never really worked or finished college.  So now she has decided to move and start college back and try to find herself.  Little did she know that these decisions would make her daughter mad at her and blaming her for the divorce and her mother upset with her for leaving her and moving away.  So now, not only is Marianne trying to find herself, it seems her mother and her daughter are as well.  

I have been a fan of Sylvia's for a few years now and I love her books. This one is just as awesome as the others.  I really enjoyed reading it.  It gave me a good laugh at times as well!  I find Marianne's mother to be a hoot.  I highly recommend this read to anyone who loves a good, funny romance.