Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Darkfever **Book 1 Fever Series**

MacKayla Lane leads a pretty ordinary life.  She lives in a very small town in Georgia.  Her parents are still happily married, and her sister was studying abroad in Dublin.  Then one day everything changes.  Mac gets a call saying her sister has been killed.  Now her parents have shut down and the case has been closed.  That isn't good enough for Mac and she decides to travel to Dublin and get them to reopen her sisters case.  Little did she know that by going and doing some digging that she would learn about a whole new world that she didn't even know existed but that she is very much a part of.  She has the sight and can see into the world of the Fae.  On the outside they look stunning but to her eye, she can see them for what they really are.  Murderers.  Now she must stay alive to solve her sisters murder and figure out exactly what she is and the powers she has.  Throw in the dark and mysterious Jericho, who she still doesn't know exactly what to think of him and the Fae prince Vlane whose power is sex and he can kill you with pleasure, and we have a party.  

This was a very interesting book.  It had me in its grasp from the first page and I couldn't out it down.  Karen did a wonderful job writing this book to hold the attention.  I am super excited to see what comes of Mac.  I can't wait to start book 2!