Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fifth Grave Past the Light **Charley Davidson Series 5**

Charley Davidson.....Private investigator and Grim Reaper extraordinaire.  In this book, there is an arsonist on the loose and when she finds out the buildings that are being set on fire, it sounds a lot like the suspect is her new neighbor.  Who also happens to be her lover and the son of satan.  But then she gets word that the the arsonist was female and then his sister comes to mind.  Not only that but now she has an apartment full of dead women with blonde hair and scared.  While trying to figure out why she learns from a woman, who she first thought was dead *who happens to see into the future*, that someone is going to die soon.  Some clues were the number 8, blonde hair, and a bridge.  Then after a clue from one of the departed in her home, she thinks she has found the serial killer, only to learn that she suspects it is the man that her sister is involved with.  Her sister is blonde and has a figure eight drawn on her wrist.  Now in order to keep her sister out of his grasp, she has asked Reyes for help.  He requires payment in the form of her,  ALL OF HER.  Body and soul.  She will do anything to protect her sister and she is in love with him anyways.  Really it isn't a hardship.  Can Charley find the killer, keep her sister safe, and juggle a relationship too?

I am hooked.  This series is amazing.  Darynda writes the perfect combination of comedy, suspense, and romance.  If I am not laughing, I am biting my nails, or fanning my face!  These books just get better and better.  Onward to the next!