Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Dirt on Ninth Grave *Charley Davidson Series 9*

In book 9, Charley is living in NY and working as a waitress.  Why you ask, because she has no clue who she is.  She is Jane Doe and she woke up outside of the cafe she is working at now, with no memory and a whopper diamond on her hand.  She assumes then that she is married but no one has found and claimed her.  She knows one thing.  She is from the future....or that is what she thinks is the deal.  She sees dead people and animals, and there are several customers that are regulars and they seem to know things about her.  Now her boss has hired a new cook...who also turns out to be one of the strangers that has been coming in.  He is dark and moody and hot as hell....literally.  She also has made one friend who she decides to confide in, funny, she figured her new BFF would run away screaming but Cookie seems pretty awesome.  After the headless horseman, clues her in on the cop who seems a bit Cra Cra about her....she realizes that he has possibly killed women from his past...whose deaths were rules suicides.  And then he gets his hands on her.  And right when she thinks he is going to finish the job of killing her, someone kills him right in front of her.  No need to thank him yet...cause he is about to kill her as well.  While she is being held captive and about to be murdered, she learns all kinds of things that really don't make much sense to her.  And there is a dead guy trying to get her to WAKE UP and remember.  He gets her to do that buy crossing through her, and when she gets to see his memories, it all comes rushing back.  And the dead guy who passed through her was none other than her dad.  So now what is going to happen to Charley, and what will she do with the information she has just found out from her fathers time undercover with satan's minions?  

I was floored with this one.  As usual, like with the rest of the series, I couldn't put the book down.  My kindle battary almost died and it was hard to wait on it to charge!  But I made it.  I haven't read a series that just grabbed me and held me in a while.  I mean I have read some great books but this series has just kept my attention hard core.  Book 10 just came out and I am moving on to it now!  I might get some sleep after this one is finished.  At least till the next!