Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sixth Grave on the Edge **Charley Davidson Series 6**

Charley has a full schedule going on right now.  She is kind of sort of engaged to Reyes...the son of satan.  Her said sort of fiance is now the owner of her dads bar, which has brought in LOADS of people.  Not just the normal cop crowd. More like a lot of women!  Her new BFF FBI agent wants her to look into an old cold case involving an abducted child.  Turns out this case is from when Reyes was kidnapped as a baby.  He doesn't want her to dig.  When he finally tells her some about when he was kidnapped...she is stunned to discover that the family she thinks was his family are actually the ones who abducted him.  And now...she is getting threats from a mafia type group, her little friend Quentin, who is a deaf teenager she saved from a demon, he is seeing and FEELING things from the departed now and it is freaking him out but his encounter helps solve another case. Charley can't seem to get some down time.  And now a little something else is about to thrown into this craziness.  

OMG!  That totally threw me!  I was curious and wondering if something like that may happen.  And that it has well phew!  I am stoked to continue on!  I am jumping right in to book 7!