Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fourth Grave Beneath my Feet **Charley Davidson Series 4**

Charley Davidson's last case she was working didn't quiet go as planned.  Her PI work and her Grim Reaper work sometimes could get the better of a person.  And throw in the son of satan, the man she can't stop thinking about, and she has a whole lot of craziness.  Now she is suffering from PTSD since being attacked and tortured by Earl.  Reyes's human father. And her fear is drawing the demons out of the woodwork...well hell actually but still.  They are possessing clairvoyant people and they are hard to take down.  But her guardian...who happens to be a dog who passed away, can take them down and so can Reyes's.  So with demons, a biker who wants to take her out and not on a date, and trying to solve a case......Charley would probably just assume stay in and order things off TV she will never use.  

This one was just awesome.  I haven't read any from this series that I haven't just loved.  I have just been gushing about this series since I started it.  I am so excited to see what else happens!  On to book 5!!!