Monday, June 27, 2016

Seventh Grave and No Body **Charley Davidson 7**

Charley Davidson is a Private Investigator and the grim reaper.  Her job is never boring. And now, she is pregnant....and the baby daddy is none other than her fiance, the son of satan.  Reyes Farrow.  Charley is always getting into sticky or bloody situations and Reyes is now tagging along with her to protect her and Beep, the baby.  Throw in their new friend/demon Osh and she has some super powerful bodygaurds.  Now that the Twelve have been sent, they are constantly having to be on the look out. Her father is missing and when she locates where he had been staying, she finds that he was doing some research and investigating of his own.  What exactly is going on?  After a brutal fight with the hellhounds Charley finds out she has even more power she wasn't aware of.

This one had me on edge the most.  I was so caught up in the book I couldn't put it down.  Stayed up most of the night reading it.  I am so curious as to all the power Charley will come into eventually and learning more about what and who she is.  I was heartbroke in this one as well.  I won't say why as to not spoil anything but yea my heart is breaking a bit right now.  So on to book 8 and to get some answers along with Charley!