Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Protecting His Own: Book 11 in Masters of the Shadowlands

Oh mercy.  I have always loved Beth and Nolan and their first story was one of my favorites.  I have been so excited about this next story of theirs and I was not disappointed.  I cried so hard almost from the very beginning.  Beth wants to give Nolan a child of his own so bad but the damage from her previous, abusive marriage has left her unable to concieve.  The have decided that adopting will be their next route and in a turn of events, the end up with two small brothers who are children from a domestic violence home and their mother a drug addict.  Beth and Nolan both knew the boys from them staying at the Tomorrow is Mine domestic violence shelter and they both loved those boys.  Their mother was suppose to have gotten clean and her boy friend had taken anger management classes so they were leaving and going back home with their mother.  Before leaving Beth gave them her number if they ever needed her.  And one day, they get that call.  Their home life hadn't changed after all and after Beth and Nolan take them in as their foster parents, their mother ends up passing away due to her drug problem.  The King's decide they want to adopt the brothers but a shady case worker has dug up a grandmother for the boys and is deteremined to take the boys away and put them with the fanatic grandmother.  Will Beth and Nolan be able to keep the boys and have their happy ever after?

Oh my gosh Cherise!  This book was amazing.  Had me in tears most of the time but it was such a touching story.  Made me fall even more in love with Beth and Nolan.  Those precious little boys melted my heart as well.  I can't get enough of the Shadowlands.  You are amazing Cherise.  Thank you for such an amazing book!