Saturday, June 18, 2016

Third Grave Dead Ahead **Charley Davidson Series**

Charley Davidson.....occupation, Grim Reaper and Private Investigator.  She just so happens to be pretty smitten by Reyes Farrow who also happens to be the Son of satan.  Needless to say there is never a dull moment in Charley's world!  Since she bound Reyes to his corporeal body, he has been showing up in here dreams every time she closes her eyes, so she is bound and determined to stay awake no matter how much coffee that takes.  On top of that all, she has a missing woman to find, a shady husband/doctor the suspect, a motorcycle gang who is out for vengence, and Reyes mortal father isn't dead after all.  Yea...just another lovely day in paradise.  

LOVED IT!  I can't wait to buy the next book.  I knew after reading book one that I would binge read this series.  And I have.  I read books 1-3 in 2.5 days.  I am loving this.  Darynda manages to do comedy, suspense, and smoking hot romance and it all just works together.  Such a talanted author!  Can't wait for more!