Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bloodfever **Fever Series Book 2**

Mac is still alive and fighting to stay that way.  She is on a mission to find the Sinsar Dubh....a very dark book that makes her very sick when she gets too close to it. The walls between the Fae and the human world are begining to crumble.  And to make things worse, she has a variety of assasians after her, and two very powerful men who are wanting her to help them find the book.  V'lane is a Fae prince and Jericho Barrons is....well....she don't really know but he is very powerful! 

This series has me hooked!  I can't stop reading them!  I am so interested in each character....trying to figure out what some of them are.  I have been shocked a couple times!  And I am right there along with Mac trying to figure out exactly what Jericho is!  On to book 3!