Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Love Released: Women of Courage Book 1

Cora Williams had a great job and money and then it is all taken away when she is put in jail for 5 years for attempted murder.  After the 5 long years, and the horrible things she endured during her incarceration, she is finally out.  Upon being released, she finds out that she has NOTHING left.  No money, no way to get her license back to be a doctor, and she has just found out that she now has custody of her nephew Jack.  Her aunt left her a house in her will so now she has a little house for them that needs a lot of work to it.  So now she must check in with the sheriff in this new town, find a job, and try to make a life for her and her nephew.  She just hopes her past don't come back to bite her, or better yet, kill her.

Sheriff Virgil Carter is a former vet who lost two brothers and many friends in the war.  His parents aren't the same since losing his two older brothers and they aren't as close as they use to be before the deaths.  He does his best to protect everyone in Parker County and now he has an ex con in his midst.  A beautiful ex con at that.  And after a heads up from a friend from the penatentary, he knows that Cora Williams has had a rough go of things and he is determined to protect her as well.  

This book was awesome!  I love all genres of books but it has been awhile since I read just straight up romance.  Not paranormal or super hot and steamy.  It was really refreshing actually and I can't wait to continue this series!  I love Cora and little Jack.  He is such a cute kid and their neighbor is a hoot.  I can't wait to see how things progress for Cora and Jack and what will come of things between her and Virgil.  Great job Geri!  Loved it!